148/365 Zoey and Toms

Laying on the printer and basking in the warm sun. Oh, what a life cats have. 🙂

 photo P1010215_1_zpselovpozj.jpg

My tomatoes have blooms…two of them. All but one have buds. I think I’m going to get fruit this year!!!

 photo P1010217_1_zpsweuvu4oh.jpg

 photo P1010216_1_zpslpmn41ov.jpg

Have a great week all.

Sable, Port Orchard, WA, USA

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246/365: Over the Rainbow!

Collecting my son from school for the Half-term break we were lucky enough to enjoy this magnificent rainbow en route.  He managed to grab a couple of shots from the car on his phone, but they don’t really do the depth of colour justice – it was really vivid!


I didn’t notice the sign at the time – quite appropriate, really! 😀

~nienna, Worthing, England

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245/365 – The Lovely Miss Spelling Poses for your Sw00ning Pleasure


There’s not much left of the Snow Pile – we’ve had a couple of days where it reached 30 degrees. Will it last to June as I originally thought? We’ll know next week…


Jude, Ottawa, Canada

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144/365… So Asleep…

Pawsha has re-discovered her kitty bed on top the dryer. As you can see, there’s no problem with all the stuff inside it, that just makes it more comfortable.

 photo IMG_3614_zpsn5tvqgkk.jpg


Port Orchard, Washington USA

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143/365 A local celebrity

 photo 100_1990_zpsft1hstep.jpg

 photo 100_1989_zpsblgu2yhc.jpg

I had the opportunity to meet a celebrity this past Saturday at the Speranza 5K/5mile race. Libre the Boston Terrier was on hand to meet and kiss everyone. Since his rescue last year as a very sick puppy from an uncaring ‘breeder’ (aka puppy mill), he has become the face of Humane action here in the state and even around the world.

See link for his story. (Warning for some graphic images)


Tooks in Southcentral PA

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141/365 Tomatoes and Glads

Re-potted my tomatoes yesterday. Went to get new pots and dragged Calma with me. She even lent me the cages and told me how to convert the hanging pot to put my cherry toms in. Shout out to the best bff evah!!!

 photo P1010210_3_zps0httk42i.jpg

 photo P1010211_2_zpszxc1w1uy.jpg

Speaking of Calma, she gave me a baby glad from hers when I moved in here. Wow, I still have’t killed it. TWO, count them two sprouts coming up!!!

 photo P1010213_1_zpshvmliamu.jpg

Have a great week all!!

Sable, Port Orchard, WA, USA

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139/365: Garden delights!

I treated myself to a bunch of gerberas this week – such beautiful pastel shades that I couldn’t resist!

Also decided to plant up the old window boxes on my summerhouse with herbs, as the soil dries out so quickly and I thought the herbs would be hardier in those conditions – typically, it has rained everyday since I planted them!


Guess I need to paint up the summerhouse next!

Finally, the rose season is under way, so here are a couple of my favourite early bloomers:

~nienna, Worthing, England

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