088/365…. Easter Candy

When just little fellas, my boys really never got into the Easter thing. They just weren’t into finding eggs and baskets and fluffy bunnies weren’t exactly their cup of tea. But they did enjoy the jelly beans. So each year, I fill up the candy dish with colorful Easter candy and it lasts through the season. (the chocolate eggs are mine. 😀 )

 photo IMG_3585_zpsjsswl4uh.jpg

Happy Easter!

Port Orchard, Washington, USA

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87/365 That face….

 photo 0326171150dm_zpsz7jurniy.jpg

What are you bothering me for? I’m just sleeping here minding my own business.

-Tooks in Southcentral PA

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86/365 Question 

A baby fern pokes through dry leaves and rhododendron flowers. 


P.S.: sorry about last week  

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085/365 Signs of spring

032617 Tree photo P1010204_3_zpsnyy92yf8.jpg

032617a Limb photo P1010205_2_zpsdo9iwvjv.jpg

It was rainy and gloomy today but there are signs of spring and summer to come.

Hope you all have a great week and enjoy the end of March.

Sable, Port Orchard, WA, USA

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084/365 – Top of the World

Today we went for a walk up to the top of Skipton Moor, which is about a mile away from our house (we can see part of it from our bedroom). It was such a glorious spring afternoon that I wasn’t going to stay inside.

Here’s me on top of the trig point, celebrating our triumph (it’s not very high, so there wasn’t a great deal of effort involved in getting there, but it was nice to be out and about).


[Taken by Wilko on Skipton Moor, North Yorkshire]

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83/365: And now for something completely different!

Stuck for inspiration this week, I was suddenly inspired by the sight of some local architecture this morning on my way into town.  Sussex is famous for its use of flint in walls and below are two examples:  The first is a snapped flint wall, built of stones that have been broken in half to exposed an inner face, usually of a circular or oval shape. The second is an example of cobbling, where the outer surface of the flint is pressed into the mortar to provide a decorative finish…

IMG_20170324_085218 (2)IMG_20170324_085306

~nienna, Worthing, England

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82/365 – Soda Bread and Friends

Missing Ireland? Make your own soda bread!


It’s been below freezing all week until today, so I can’t show any more progress in the melting of the huge snow pile. Hopefully next week.

Meanwhile, here are a couple of friends to say hi:


Jude, Ottawa, Canada

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