324/365 Golden Gate, again 

I managed to catch another glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge unobscured by fog.

As usual, views of the San Francisco Bay are my equivalent of cat photos – something that always looks a bit different, no matter how many times one snaps a picture. 


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323/365 A splash of golden

Was looking out my patio door and saw this pretty splash of gold against the green trees. Was going to take a picture earlier when the sun was out but we have a saying here in the Pacific Northwest that if you don’t like the weather wait 5 minutes and it will change…lol.

Any way hope those of you who celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday have a nice turkey day. And for the others remember what you are thankful in your life during this time.

Have a great week all.

Sable, Port Orchard, WA, USA

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320/365: The sky’s ablaze!

Grabbed these quick shots of the sunset from my place yesterday evening!


nienna, Worthing, England

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319/365… Because I Had No Other Picture

Had an appointment in Tacoma. Snapped this on the way home.
A bit hard to see the colors because of the gray day and the car going 60 mph. 😀

Port Orchard, Washington, USA

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318/365 The colors of autumn

It seems like it got cold all of a sudden this year, and leaves just started dropping from the trees. At least the maples are changing color first.

Tooks in Southcentral PA

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317/365 Flying away 

The Golden Gate Bridge can be elusive, often hidden from cameras in the fog even while you are driving on it. I had to sneak up on it from above to find it perfectly unobscured.


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316/365 Making stockings again this year

My sis in NY wants stockings for her kids and grandkids so I am back to making them this year. Both the granddaughters like pink so the finished one is for the eldest and the one I started in purple will be for the baby. Eldest boy is into orange this year and the youngest boy likes green. Wow a traditional colored one!!!

I really like making these stockings. Except when I have to unravel a skein of yarn (like the white pictured) spent at least 3 hours de-tangling it last night. Probably would have had both stockings done if I didn’t have to do that.

Ya’ll have a great week.

Sable, Port Orchard, WA, USA

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