126/365 – Pyrography

I’ve got a wooden box that used to contain sweets that I now use to hold all our spell cards for Dungeons and Dragons (you can get decks of cards with all the relevant spells for wizard, sorceror, cleric etc, which makes things a lot easier if you know a lot of spells, as you can easily see what each one does).

I had this idea to decorate the box using pyrography. This was essentially my first time doing it (I practised a wee bit on a piece of plywood I had lying around). Anyway, here’s the result. I had subsequently lightly sanded the box to get rid of any blue marks left by the carbon paper (I copied the designs onto the wood using a printout and carbon paper) and I intend to varnish the box too.

So, these are the sides and top. Each sort of represents the class of spells that are inside. So the top is the tree with the Celtic knots in the corner; this represents the Druid. The front of the box has the two Smaugs on it; this (very loosely!) represents the arcane spells such as those a Wizard (and a dragon 😉 ) would use. The back of the box has the tree with wolves either side; this represents the Ranger. The sides are the Celtic cross (for a Cleric) and the Celtic lotus flower (for the Monk). I had a lot of fun doing these.

[Photos taken by Heliona in her living room.]

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  1. torc365 says:

    Nice Job!



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