324/366 – Christmas tree and the sign for art

I walk past this sculpture every day going to and from work, and as it’s nearing Christmas-time, the Christmas tree is up! Last year they got the lights a little wrong, but this year it looks great. The sculpture is the British Sign Language sign for “art” and I really like it, although I’m not usually a fan of modern art (I only like it because I know what it means). The building in the background is part of the original Yorkshire College of Science, which became the University of Leeds in 1904 (although the white tower hiding behind the bricks is the clock tower of the Parkinson Building, which was built in the 1930s/40s in the Art Deco style and is the symbol of the University of Leeds – I’ve taken rather a few photos of it!).


Christmas tree, art sculpture, and original building.

[Taken by Heliona at the University of Leeds, West Yorkshire]

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One Response to 324/366 – Christmas tree and the sign for art

  1. torc365 says:

    Neat looking tree and art work



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