212/366 – The black staircase

So, this weekend was spent in Durham, for the summer TORC moot. Sadly, only a few people could make it this year, but we still had a great time. Durham is a fabulous city, with lots of history, and the castle and cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

After breakfast in the Great Hall of the castle (and yes, it was as cool as that sounds!), I went to pay a visit to the bathroom, and passed by the black staircase, as it is known. (The wood is untreated oak, which blackens with age.) I couldn’t resist taking a photo or two!


Looking up the black staircase at Durham Castle

As the ceiling didn’t come out in the above photo, I took a zoomed in version so that it came out on camera.


The ceiling at the top of the black staircase.

Info about the black staircase

[Taken by Heliona at Durham, England]

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